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Septic Tank Installation

An average drain field can last over a decade.  In order to prevent early failure of your septic system we recommend a septic tank be cleaned every 2-3 years to prevent sludge build up in the tank. When the sludge level increases it can flow into the drain field clogging up the pours which leads to the failure. If your system has or is in failure we can help by sending out our estimator for a free estimate on replacing the Septic system.  

New Build Septic Tank Installations
Building a New Home or Business Facility?  EcoClean Septic Services will Install the Septic System of your choice.  Call now for a free estimate.  

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What Septic Services Do You Need?

Residential Homeowners
Signs of a sewer clog
Unlike a clogged drain, a clog in your sewer (main drain) is not something you want to come home to. A good sign is your toilet is extremely slow to flush, requiring several flushes to empty the bowl. While doing laundry the sinks back up with water during the spin cycle. Pouring drain cleaner in your toilet or sink will not be effective because the clog in not in the drain but in the sewer.

A New Septic System Installation Estimate is available if your System is completely failing and unrepairable.  

Basic homeowner septic system costs

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Drain line snaking
  • Sewer line jetting
  • New drain field (Free Estimates)

Construction Companies
In an unpredictable market more construction companies are turning to EcoClean Septic Services for new septic system installations and storm water line cleaning for both residential and commercial projects. Our trained technicians and professional equipment helps get the job done on time and on budget.

Mobile Home Subdivisions
If you are the owner, operator, or manager of a mobile home park you know how important discrete and professional sludge hauling from your small waste water plant means to you and your guests and tenants. Many recreational and RV park owners count on EcoClean Septic Service for a scheduled service call that’s fits with the subdivisions event schedule. Call us for any time for an estimate or a reference.

Home Owner Associations
Community associations on a budget need a professional contractor that will take care of common tasks such as storm water run off cleaning, sewer line cleaning and provide members with video of a sewer line inspection. We are available on an appointment basis and can also provide professional emergency service after a storm. Also, New septic tank system installation is available for new residents in the community.

For a price that just can’t be beat and guaranteed professional service. EcoClean is available to Real Estate Agents all over the Unifour area, call EcoClean Septic for a reliable and accurate septic inspections and sewer line problems. Also, feel free to refer us to new home builders for quality new septic system installation.  

Shopping Malls
Commercial equipment installed at shopping malls and medium size strip malls need the attention of a commercial contractor. EcoClean Septic provides lift station maintenance contracts to help keep the lift stations, pumps, and other equipment performing at their best.
*prices listed are based on access, tank size, and are subject to change without notice. For an accurate quote please Contact our office

Bistros, Cafés, drive ins, and drive through chains rely on Quality Septic services, like EcoClean Septic Service for grease cleaning, unclogging plumbing lines, and new grease trap systems.

Typical restaurant septic treatment costs
Grease trap 
Grease interceptor
Jetting lines 
Snake lines 
Septic Tank Pumping

County Municipalities
Servicing the Unifour area counties, EcoClean Septic Services keeps digesters clean, maintains sand filters, and unclogs septic lines. We haul sludge from waste water plants and keep lift stations clean. We are also available 24 hours for emergency evacuation of sewage. Implementing state of the art video equipment to be sure the lines are clear.

Waste Water Plants
EcoClean Septic keeps plants clean and sanitary. Hauling sludge, and sewage removal on a schedule that’s is prompt and reliable. We can also install new Septic system equipment and provide a maintenance schedule.

Keeping Your Septic System Cleaned and Working Properly
EcoClean Septic Service is here to help you. Our Technicians are qualified and experienced to solve any problem you may have. Our trained staff understand your concerns and can handle all every aspect of the job for you. We are licensed and insured for your protection. We pride ourselves in being helpful and offering personal service and quality work at a reasonable price. We have a wide range of detailed services therefore it is imperative that you work with a company that you trust, that is licensed, fully insured, knowledgeable and experienced. EcoClean Septic Service has experience, education and training that works with local municipalities, private utilities, shopping centers, restaurants, extended care facilities, hospitals, hotels, community management companies and private homeowners. EcoClean is a Licensed, Certified Installer and Inspector in NC Wastewater Management serving Burke, Catawba, Caldwell, McDowell, and other areas upon request.